Mike Dove, Founder and CPT

Bachelors' degree in Kinesiology
Training since 2003
CPR/AED certified

I have been involved in fitness since the day I could walk. I started ice skating around the age of 2, and soon moved on to organized ice hockey. Growing up in the Northeast allowed me to play against some of the best competition in the states. After moving to Houston in 1992, I joined a club hockey team to keep the level of competition high. Ice hockey was my first love, but I soon began participating in other sports.

Like any kid growing up in Texas I began to play football. My football career only lasted about 4 years, but it was the launch pad to my love of the gym. I learned how to grow strong and increase my speed in any sport I played. While I continued to play Ice hockey until I moved away to college, the newest sport for me was Ultimate Frisbee. While in college Ultimate Frisbee and exercise was how I stayed in shape.

Today I try to encompass every aspect of fitness in my life. I still play ultimate for fun and in competitive tournaments, but really concentrate on staying healthy through exercise and diet. I believe in the kind of lifestyle that makes you feel stronger every day you wake up. There are many ways to get in shape, but there are no shortcuts to reach your greatest fitness potential.